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The priority in the work of the BSG Technology LLP is implementation of environmental projects aimed at the introduction of innovative, energy-saving materials and technologies

About us

The priority in the work of the Company and main goal is implementation of environmental projects aimed at the introduction of innovative, energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies in the extraction, refining and use of mineral oil. Head office is located in Almaty. In Zhanaozen city (Mangystau region) there is a production branch. BSG Technology LLP pays utmost attention to the quality of its work to fully meet the demands of our customers and current industry standards. Continuous process of improvement allows to maintain high standard, each year company demonstrates high growth rates, develops new directions, increasing the scope of its activity.

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Main activity of the company:

  • Processing of oil sludge;
  • Processing of oil-containing emulsion;
  • Cleaning of tanks, containers and pipelines;
  • Water treatment and water discharge services.


  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Environmental protection
  • Openness, honesty and high ethics
  • Continuous improvement


  • Obligingness and result-orientedness
    We guarantee unconditional fulfillment of the accepted obligations in agreed time frame with optimal and reasonable resource usage. We are focused on optimal solutions to meet the needs of our company’s customers.
  • Mutually beneficial cooperation with clients
    We are genuinely interested in the success of our customers and focused on providing services to wide range of clients. We respect our clients and partners, value their time and reputation. We cooperate on long-term and mutually beneficial terms, following the rules of civilized business partnership.
  • Innovativeness
    We focus on the best world achievements in the field of ecology and employ the most advanced innovations in the field of engineering, management processes and information technology.
  • Continuous development and improvement of technologies
    We deeply and comprehensively study the international practice, as well as target markets in order to improve our existing and in-use technologies and to identify the desires / needs and then meet those needs in qualified and the most effective ways. Employees. The future of the company is determined by its employees, hence, first of all we provide safe working conditions for our employees, support their self-development and improvement of professional skills. Honesty and openness. We are an open and modern company; we follow the highest principles of ethics and professionalism in relationships with customers, partners, staff and the community.


For many years we have been official representatives of leading German companies – owners of technologies and manufacturers of advanced equipment and products.

Flottweg SE

Flottweg SE develops and manufactures decanter centrifuges, separators, belt presses and equipment in Germany which are considered to be particularly productive and reliable. In many industries, they perform key functions in the purification of liquids, separation of liquid mixtures, and concentration and dewatering.

In 2016 BSG Technology LLP started cooperating with one of the leading manufacturer of centrifuges in the world – Flottweg SE, as an official representative.

Our employees continuously go through trainings, and have many years of work experience with equipment manufactured by Flottweg company.

As part of cooperation with Flottweg SE we provide service and spare parts.

The range of equipment and applications can be found on the official website: