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The priority in the work of the BSG Technology LLP is implementation of environmental projects aimed at the introduction of innovative, energy-saving materials and technologies

Work experience
No 1
Largest Service Company in Kazakhstan

Environmental Protection

Elimination of environmental hazards posed by accumulation tanks and lagoons containing oil


The most advanced innovations in the field of engineering, management processes and information technology


Highly professional personnel with 19 years of experience

Advantages of the company

  • Extraction of up to 90% of trade oil containing in accumulation tanks and lagoons with oil
  • Automatic and continuous operation process
  • Elimination of environmental hazards posed by lagoons containing oil
  • Separated solid can be further reused for bioremediation of the soil
  • Extensive practical experience
  • Highly professional personnel with 16 years of experience
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Scope of activity


  • Processing of oil-containing emulsion
  • Processing of oil sludge
  • Cleaning of oil tanks/containers
  • Mobile cleaning of tanks, containers and pipelines
  • Water treatment and water discharge services


Processing of oil-containing emulsion

Crude oil produced from well contains formation water. It is often impossible to separate oil from water by static settling

Cleaning of oil tanks

Crude oil is stored in reservoirs. Over time, in the bottom of these tanks layer consisting of hydrocarbons and inorganic pollutants builds up, which reduces the useful volume of the container