Water treatment and water discharge services

Together with our partners we provide the following services:

Development of technological solutions and supply of equipment for wastewater disposal (sewage, industrial and formation wastewater, recycled water supply);


Development of technological solutions and supply of equipment for water treatment (purification and preparation of drinking, process, sea water and ground water);


Providing service and maintenance.

1. Development of technological solutions and supply of drainage equipment

We develop technological solutions and supply of the following equipment:

  • Decanter centrifuges;
  • Separators;
  • Screens;
  • Integrated systems for sewage sludge dewatering;
  • Integrated systems for mechanical and biological water treatment.

Advantages of our sludge dewatering technology:

  • Optimal performance:
    • Minimal cake humidity;
    • Minimal energy consumption per unit;
    • Minimal consumption of flocculant.
  • Flexibility
  • Automatic regulation during operation
  • Optimization of operating costs due to:
    • continuous and automatic operation;
    • no flushing during operation;
    • highly effective protection against wear and tear;
    • on-site replacement of spare and wear parts;
    • no need for consumables such as filters, filter cloths, etc.

2. Development of technological solutions and supply of equipment for water treatment

Our Company uses modern water treatment technologies:

1. Sediment filtration on pressure velocity filters

Solution for: water clarification, removal of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide

2. Ion-exchange filtration on high-speed pressure filters

Solution for: softening, desalination, demineralisation and desiliconisation

3. Membrane water purification technology, including:

  • Ultrafiltration.

Solution for: removal of fine and colloidal particles, organic substances, bacteria and viruses

  • Hyperfiltration (reverse osmosis)

Solution for: desalination, demineralization and softening of water

  • Electrodeionization

Solution for: deep demineralisation of water

  • Membrane degassing

Solution for: removal of gases (O2, CO2) from water

Our company uses the following technical means of water treatment:

  • Pressure settling cartridge and bag filters;
  • Self-cleaning strainer and disc strainers;
  • High-speed pressure filters with granular bulk solids;
  • Ion exchange pressure filters;
  • Membrane water treatment facilities:
    • Ultrafiltration units,
    • Reverse osmosis units,
    • Membrane degassers,
    • Electrodeionizers,
  • Automatic chemical dosing complexes for water disinfection and corrective treatment.

3. Service and maintenance

Equipment warranty + staff training;

After-sales service:

  • Service for one year
  • Outsourcing service

Service Group

  • The department consists of qualified specialists.